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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WAHM Wednesday- Spotlight on JessicaRae Jewellry

I’m going to start a new theme on Wednesdays for moms that work at home. I have a lot of mom friends that work from home in order to spend more time with their family, help pay off the bills or get a little fun money for themselves and I’d really like to share these amazing and talented women with you. It is one of my goals to have a complete WAHM Christmas one year. If you would like your WAHM buisness spotlighted, please send me an e mail at lauraleahayes at yahoo dot com with a little information. No give away or anything is required, its just a little shout out. If you want to do a give away or offer coupons, etc, that is fine too.

Ok on to the lady of the hour, Jessica! I met Jessica 3 years ago through an online baby site. We were both pregnant at the same time and our sons are only a month or so apart. She has been a great friend to me. I ordered a hand stamped key chain for my husband for father’s day and a hand stamped keychain for my midwife from her and was very impressed with the products along with the adorable packaging.

Name: JessicaRae Jewellery
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Buisness Type: Jewellery Heirloom Design
Kiddos Names/ages: Owen 5, Layton 3.5, Quinn 2
Why did you decide to start a WAHM buisness?
It started as a craft/hobby that has since flourished into a business.I just wanted to do something creative that didn't involve the kids. Something that was just for me!

What if your most favorite part of having your own buisness?
The flexibility

What is your least favorite?
That everything is on my plate/shoulders alone

How long have you had your business? How long have you done your craft?
I have been creating jewellery for nearly 2 years now but the hand stamped heirloom part of my business has only been about 10 months
What has having your own business added to your life?
It has brought me back to my creative roots and reminded me Im not JUST a mom. Im a woman, a person, Im full of ideas and potential and I need to utilize every part of me possible to make my life whole and fulfilling.

What makes your business special?
I create pieces of wearable art that people can cherish forever. My most special piece was when I had a mom ask me to create her a family necklace with all her childrens names on it and that she wanted to include her angel baby and if that was possible. I was honoured that she trusted me with this task and we were both so happy with the results - these are the kinda things that make my business special and make me LOVE what I do <3

You can find Jessica’s jewelry on Facebook here or on her website here.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This is what I ordered my husband for father’s day to go along with his guitar hero addiction.


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