Lauras Daily Madness

Monday, January 3, 2011

Share Something Sweet

This year one of my blogging goals is to inspire you on topics to blog about.  Blogs that I love the most inspire me to be more like the mom, wife, person that I want to be.   They give me great, doable ideas.  Sure sometimes their spotless houses and expensive furniture make me want to gag a little but if I remind myself that I have two kids 2 and under.. I don’t feel quite as guilty.


Today’s inspiration is to bake, make or create something yourself to give to someone you love to share with people in their lives that you don’t have contact with.  I like to make things for my husband to take to work. I know he secretly enjoys it. Maybe it’s a big boy show and tell sort of thing.  Who doesn’t like to share with their friends though?  So sometime this week, bake a batch of brownies, whip up some chex mix or make a fruit salad if you’re anti sugar and send it to work with your husband, to school for snack with your child, to Sunday school class this weekend or sometime when your loved ones aren’t with you but with others that impact their lives.  I’m thankful that my husband has great co workers and that he enjoys going to work everyday.  This in turn blesses our family with a happy daddy! 

This is what I made my husband to take to work:


White Chocolate Cereal Bars


4 cups mini marshmallows

8 oz white candy morsels

1/4 cup butter, cubed

6 cups of rice cereal (the guys that snap crackle pop)


Directions: throw together everything but the rice cereal and put it in the microwave for 1 minute.  Stir it and then continue for another minute. Dump in the rice cereal and stir.   Press yumminess into a 13x9 greased pan and cut into squares. 

This recipe is really better to double if you have a bowl large enough to mix all that at once or to make twice because one bag of marshmellows is about 8 cups, the white candy usually comes in 12oz and I just use half, 1/4 cubeed butter if half a  stick and those boxes of rice crisipies have tons in them of course. 

And just so you aren’t too impressed with my clean table (the two inches you can see), here are the kids playing in the living room.



I’ll let you see my target furniture, big lots couch and those clothes piled up on the couch aren’t laundry.. those are the clothes from goodwill my mom picked up for the kids.  It was a good day!


So my challenge to you is to make something, send it off and blog about it!  Link up your blog here in my comments and I promise I’ll come visit!