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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Organized

I know we are all really geared up for those resolutions. It is only 4 days into the month, surely you haven’t given up already?!  One thing that I’ve come to realize is that my toy addiction makes our house a not so cleaned up space.  Also I want Rett to be able to sit at the train table and wow! there are trains there.  Same for his kitchen, dollhouse, blocks, etc.  I want him to be able to play when he’s ready to.  So we did a few changes for the new year to give us and him a more organized way to keep the house cleaned up and to make sure all his toys are in the correct area. When he’s ready to play, he can get to work!


Because our house is two levels and the kids’ bedrooms are upstairs, bedroom storage isn’t an option. All toys are downstairs in our living space and where everyone who comes in can view them. So our house looks like ToysRUs.  That’s ok, the kids have a blast everyday!

This is the only purchase we actually made.  This is our new diaper organization system.  I’d like to tell you that is all my dipes, but half of them are in the laundry right now.  It also serves as a child laundry dumping ground until they get ferried upstairs to their closets.  I only seem to have time to hang up laundry when the kids are asleep and then I can’t access their room.  I need a plan for that too! But for now, this will work. I wish I had a before picture of this. It took us 2 year to get something like this for our diapers. This area was a nightmare previously!


This is Rett’s $30 craiglist train table and his plastic chairs I dumpster dove from the house across the street.  Under his train table he has 3 laundry baskets. One holds trains and track, one holds Little People and the other holds miscellaneous (plastic dinosaurs to eat the little people, etc).  Still need ideas on how to store the huge Little People sets. 


This is the dollhouse area.  Two were bought off craigslist but the nicest one I dumpster dove from the house across the street. Do my kids need 3 dollhouses? Yes they do!  Someday I’m going to have more kids and they each deserve their own dollhouse residence. I’ll admit I got sick of picking up the furniture and I worried that Rett would break it before he was really even able to play with it so most is out in the garage.  What’s left is in that little basket there under the side table. 




Here is our kitchen zone.  Pathetic kitchen, I know.  But for now it works.  I’m hoping to upgrade eventually and for this one to go live out in our playhouse.  But for now it does its job and Rett has cooked up many a dinosaur on his little stove.  The green basket holds what kitchen materials I let him have (most are upstairs in his room.. once again got tired of pickng up a million pieces.  I also stored the doll babies in here to make it more of a housekeeping center.  When I *cough* I mean Santa, gives Evie her baby care center for Christmas it can go here too.  My dream is to have a house with a playroom so they can also have the tea table that’s in Evie’s room (an awesome Goodwill find) to serve on.  That will have to wait however, this house doesn’t have the extra space!






This coffee table has been living out in the garage while I had babies learning to walk and babies just chilling on the floor. Didn’t want the little ones getting squished.  Since I’ve stopped watching other babies, its has moved back into the living room.  I’m using the tuck space under the top for wood puzzles (thanks Jen for that idea!).  One basket holds all his wooden toys and pieces, the other has cars. The table top makes an excellent road.





This is what Rett did while I attempted to take these pictures. 

    Image is linked:


Brownie Scraps has welcomed 3 new guests for this month and one of them is Michelle! I’m so excited for her! Today only you can pick up their collab for 25% off! I love these colors that are perfect for girls or boys.  Here is my layout using this kit:

This is the last day that I watched Noah. He had been here since he was 3 months old. We recently went to the zoo with him.  He and Rett were so excited to see each other they ran around screaming for about five minutes.  We will still get the boys together, especially over the summer!


And here is your freebie for today! 




Have you been getting more organized lately? I’d love to hear about it!


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