Lauras Daily Madness

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mini Match Up and CVS trip this week


So this is what I got this week at CVS for under $5.  You can’t just do CVS in a few minutes. It really does take a lot of time and effort to plan out what you are wanting to get when you go. Another problem is I often run into that they are out of items and my scenarios are all screwed up.  So here is what I did.  I went in to CVS and scanned my card at the coupon machine. It looks like a price check monitor. It spit out a coupon for a free hand sanitizer (score!) and .50 of bucks from my purchases made in the fall. 

First transaction

Finish gel pack     $3

Air wick unit          $6

Air wick refills      $5 a piece

Lysol                          $4

Reese’s minis        $1.89

Snickers                 .89

M&M’s on clearance .75

hand sanitizer        1.69


Total: 27.33

- 2.25 Finish coupon

- $4 air wick coupon

- $5 (B1G1 air wick refill)

- 1.69 free hand sanitzer coupon

- $4 off of $20 purchase

- $10 in ECB =

.39 + tax = 1.33

I received back $12.78 in bucks


Second transation

2 Gas X  $6 a piece


Total: $12

- $4 off of gas x coupons x2

= $8

I then used a few small ecbs that I had to get this total down to 3.20 

I need to buy one more gas x and I’ll earn $10 more in bucks


As you can see, CVS is really one of the best ways to get super cheap stuff. It just takes a lot of time to plan out attacks and then you are hoping that the stuff is there!  When its not, it can really foul up your plans.


This week’s mini matchup is for chicken!  I love meat sales and coupons.  Its really hard to get good meat coupons so I always feel super lucky when a good match up comes along.  This is only good until the 15th so you have to hurry!

This week at Target they have their whole 3lb fryers on sale for $3.50.  You can go here and insert zip code 84123 and find the $1.50 off of 1 gold ‘n plump natural chicken.  Go back and print another one for 2 great deals. You are now going to get an entire chicken for $2!


  When we first started buying these chickens I was scared of them. I had a freezer full of whole chickens and not a lot of idea on how to handle cooking them.  But honestly, they are so simple. You simply wash them off and pat dry with paper towels.  Then you coat them with salt and pepper and cut up 1/2 stick of butter into small slices and place on top of the skin dotting the entire bird.  Then back at 350 for 45 minutes. You can find a lot of recipes calling for rotisserie chicken to use up the leftovers so its really 2 meals in one!  What a bargain!


I went to Target this week  to take advantage of a lot of their current deals. For $45.61 including tax I got: 3 soy sauce, 6 jars of pasta sauce, 4 snack packs, 2 whole fryers, 10lbs of skinless/boneless chicken breast, 4 country crock margine, 2 market pantry ice tea mixes, 2 jars of peanut butter, 2 motrin pm, 1 floss.  It says I saved $38.75 but that was just in coupons. Most of the things I bought were also on sale.  Yay for great savings! Feel free to link up any blog posts with your own trips for the week!  And if you don’t want to devote THAT much time, pick up your cheapie fryers this week for a simple and cost saving bargain!