Lauras Daily Madness

Friday, January 7, 2011


Well the first week of 365 is down and so far, so good! I took pictures everyday this week.  My main goal is not to take one picture a day but to use my camera everyday. Which usually means a LOT more then one picture.  I hate it when you take one and it doesn't turn out. I want more to choose from!  So here is a recap of my week:

Can’t find the 1st.. what a way to start. I promise I did a take pic though!

IMG_0071 copy 2






My 365 project is not only about capturing the big events of the day, its also about capturing the small ones. And working on portrait photography of my kids.  The reason why Rett rarely makes it into the ‘studio’ is the studio turns him into a screaming, crying, fit throwing 2 year old.  So his pictures usually take place wherever the toys are.   If you haven’t started 365, consider doing Project 52 and taking a photo each week. Or if you want to get in on the action, you’ve only missed a week! That was my week, how was yours?