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Friday, January 21, 2011

P365- My week in pictures!

So my goal for 365 if to get my camera in my hands everyday.  This may not mean just one picture or even just one time. It seems that as I become consciously aware of wanting to take photos everyday, I actually end up taking photos as several times of several things.  Which basically means I’m going to have a thousand scrapbook pages for this year. Yikes. So far for January, I have taken 300 photos. WOW!  If this is how every month goes.. I’m just starting to get worried.  Anyway, here is my week in pictures!



IMG_0019-2 copy 2

Lunch! Yum!


IMG_0014-3 copy 2

The way we’re handling being asked to pick up toys right now.



IMG_0024-6 copybw

when did he get so big?




Super dad! Ok maybe even a normal dad would wear baby while making dinner but it takes a super dad to wear a pink carrier. 


I have to share this one too. Most of the photos seem to gravitate between the two kids.  I was pretty impressed with this robot Tom spent an hour making. It only took Rett five minutes the next morning to destroy it. Robotcha is a FRIENDLY robot!


IMG_0092 copy

Our beautiful Evie right before bath time. Its funny how the little moments can turn into art whenever you watch for it.




Playing in the 3 or 4 inches of snow we got over the night.  Notice the eye aversion from the camera. 


Here is my layout from last week:

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