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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WAHM Wednesday- Meet Cutesy Tushies diapers!

Michelle, the owner of Cutesy Tushie diapers, and I have daughters the same age. We met on an online pregnancy site and have taken our friendship to Facebook where she hooked me on her diapers with her charming personality and of course… the adorable prints! Recently she has added a few new products, including one size, snapped diapers and a diaper wash detergent. Each diaper you buy comes with its own insert also.

Location:Central Wisconsin
Business Type: Cloth Diapers
Kiddos Names/ages:
Ethan, 5
Tayla, 6 months
Why did you decide to start a WAHM buisness? I was already making cloth diapers for my 3 little ones that were in diapers and was also making them already for other mommy's in my area. By having a WAHM business, I am able to be home and see my babies grow up:)
What if your most favorite part of having your own business?
My favorite part of my business is being able to meet others from around the country and of course, getting for find great prints for others:)

How long have you had your business? How long have you done your craft?
I have been making cloth diapers now for over a year, started in January of 2010 and I have been making them for about the same time. But I have been sewing now for about 18 years.
What has having your own business added to your life?
Having my own business has added more time to spend with my babies. I am able to spend almost all day with them, working during their nap times and also late into the night:)
What makes your business special? I don't really know if there is anything special about my business. I am a WAHM, that loves what she does, is easy to work with, and wants to make sure that everyone is happy with their diapers that they receive from me.  I do believe though that every little one should have a fluffy tushie:)

Here are a few pics of Evie in her cutesy tushies:




And a couple of her prints that have made it to my radar:



I just love the prints Michelle gets and the fun auctions she hosts on Facebook.

Michelle has offered a special for my blog readers! For Wednesday and Thursday ONLY you can use code: LDM for 20% off your order! So go check out Michelle’s Facebook fan page here and her website here.

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