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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday and a mini match up!

I have been feeling a little under the weather this week so I didn’t get to make a trip to cvs. I’m feeling better but now we have 4 inches of snow so looks like it just may not be on the to do list for this week. However I did swing by Target earlier this week to pick up some bagels for play group.  I had to check out the clearance and this is what I found:



I got 2 packs of sleepers for 4.98 each and a pair of baby legs for 2.48.  Now in 3 years, sissy can wear these cheap pj’s! Ha! A lot of people are reporting up to 75% off of baby and children clothing. I also got a baby mailer full of coupons yesterday that I would LOVE to go and see if I can match up anything. I know baby legs has said they are going to stop selling in Target so expect to see a lot of that on clearance! I love these heart ones for V-day. Make sure you scan to make sure the price listed is correct and its not actually even lower. I must have a really responsible Target because ours is always right, but you can always dream!

This week’s mini match up is for some cheap salad dressing!  I love to buy salad dressing for cheap because so many recipes call for weird salad dressings that I wouldn’t normally purchase so I’d rather get a deal then waste money on something we may not use up afterwards.

Ken’s salad dressing – $1.89 x 2 = $3.78

Two target coupons .75 off 1 Ken’s salad dressing here. = $2.28 for 2

Fill out this form here and get another .75 off 2.  = 1.53 for two or .77 each! 


mrs. fisher's findings said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's always fun to see what others pick up at similar stores. If I had a girl, I'd pick up those leggings too!