Lauras Daily Madness

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrifty Thursday- Almost and Mini Matchup

I'm going to use Thursdays to brag *ahem* I mean post about all the deals I got for the week with photos. I'm also going to do small match ups that anyone can get started with that are not too overwhelming but still, over time, save a ton! So last night instead of going to swim school with my son, I ventured to Target with my daughter.

First let me tell you that we ended up leaving our swim bag at home so my son and my husband's towels and dry clothes were gone and it was 20 something degrees so towels and a new set of pjs for my son were on the list. I went to Target, got all my deals, shopped the 90% off Christmas clearance and snagged a set of snow globes for my mom's winter women's tea for next year, proceeded to check out. I scored with my 14 + coupons, swiped my Target card for an additional 5% off and the computer died. My heart sank. Checking my cell phone, I realized that swim school just let out and in a heavy traffic area of town (ok in Tulsa pretty much the ONLY heavy traffic area of town) it was going to take me at least 10 minutes to get there. The man went to check if my card had went through. I won't lie and say I didn't think of leaving. My daughter by this time is screaming in her carrier. We apparently have the same amount of patience.

The guy comes back and tells me he was actually checking on somebody else's. Wow, thanks. So back into the office he goes. Then he comes out and tells me my card didn't go through. So I've wasted an hour, have no towels or pjs and now have run out of time. Not only that but they have all my coupons and I don't have time to mess with that either. So grabbing my daughter and going out of the store, I have an emotional breakdown and cry. Mostly over the towels and pjs but I have to admit I was thinking of the coupons too. SO long story short, that's why I don't have pics and all that bragging material today.

So onto my mini match up. I'll be focusing on Target because its nation wide. Target is special in that it offers its own store coupons both on its website, through the Sunday paper sometimes and in coupon booklets they send in the mail. You can use one of their coupons and another manufacturer coupon on the same item to score some pretty sweet deals. This week's mini match up is for Special K cereal. So here's the low down:

Target has these cereals on sale for 2.50
You will need 2 of the $1 off of 2 coupons from the Target site here.

You also need 2 of these buy 1 get 1 free (B1G1) coupons here.

4 boxes of cereal 2.50 x 4= $10
- 2 $1/2 Target coups = $8
- 2 B1G1 coups =$3
Total per box = .75

If you have access to more then 1 computer, print off another set of these as well. But if you aren't brave enough to take in a stack of 8 coupons, this is only 4 and an easy, headache free way to score an easy deal. Who doesn't like CHEAP cereal?!

****EDITED*** The above B1G1 coupons apparently ran out right after I posted this, nice. How about pasta sauce instead?

Target has Classico on sale this week for 1.79. To do this deal you need to check your pasta for hang tag coupons. These coupons are attached to the red pasta sauce and say Buy 2 alfredo and get a red sauce for free. These have been at my target for at least a month now. Here's the deal:

Buy 3 pasta sauces, 2 alfredo and 1 red- 1.79 x 3 = 5.37
- your free red sauce (-1.79) 3.58
- $1 off of 2 here 2.58

Price per pasta sauce- .86!