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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WAHM Made- Spotlight on Kayla Boyle Photography

Well its Wednesday again which means another great feature on a WAHM.  This week we have Kayla Boyle Photography from Canada.  Not only does she do amazing family photography, but she also sells prints of her gorgeous photography!

Name: Kayla Boyle
Location:  Toronto, ON  Canada
Business Type:  Photography
Kiddos Names/ages:  Ethan 3, Gwen 1
Why did you decide to start a WAHM buisness?  It was the right time for me to open my photography business, but with a young family regular hours out of the house + an office or studio space externally it just wasn't a plausible option, so I set up a work at home schedule, set up some space in the house and off I went.
What if your most favorite part of having your own business? I get to set my own schedule.  Since I don't have a schedule that commits me on someone elses terms I can spend more time with my kids during hours a typical job would have me preoccupied and I'm still able to offer my clients a flexible schedule that better suits their schedules as well.
What is your least favorite?  No matter how much work there is to do, it's me who has to get it done.  Sometimes this means I have to work in the evenings, weekends, or the odd time while my kids are watching a movie or doing some colouring.

How long have you had your business? How long have you done your craft? I've had my business for just over 2 years now, and I've been involved in photography for as long as I can remember.  It's in my blood.  With all of the artsy types, musicians, and photographers in my family, it wasn't hard to fall into.  Ever since I've been old enough to hold a camera I've been a shutterbug.  I have a box filled with cameras more than twice my age my grandpa gave me that I'm waiting to play with.  Among them there is a 1940's Brownie Hawkeye and a 1950's Baldafix 120.
What has having your own business added to your life?  Since I'm fortunate enough to be doing something I'm passionate about and truly love it's given me a great sense of satisfaction that I'm finally able to share my talent and creativity with others.  Not only do I do sessions with families, newborns and for weddings, but I also sell prints worldwide.  It's really neat to know that people have my artwork hanging on their walls.
What makes your buisness special?  In spending just a few minutes with a family or a couple I'm able to capture memories for them, that might otherwise have been missed.  During all of my sessions we will do posed, formal shots, but I love nothing more than the candid expressions and behaviour you can capture when they forget you are tagging along.  In the end those are normally the pictures they love the most, since they are so "them".

You can check out Kayla’s photography here and fan her on facebook here.

And for my blog readers, she has offered up a special discount.  You can order her prints off of Facebook. Photography has become such a popular item to add to your home’s décor.  For 15% off prints, free shipping on orders up to 8x12, half price shipping on large scale orders use coupon code LDM15.  If you happen to live in Kayla’s area and would like to take advantage of her family photography, she has offered up 2 FREE 8x10s for sessions booked in 2011 with code LDMs810. 

And here are some of my favorites!




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