Lauras Daily Madness

Monday, March 7, 2011

A fun (and easy) toddler art activity!

Its been awhile since I posted! Kids have been sick and things have been busy. Surprise, surprise right?  My husband is currently working a later than normal evening shift leaving me to cook dinner with two kids and no help.  So I’ve been looking for 20 minute art activities for Rett to do in the afternoon so I can clean up the kitchen and do some pre-cooking prep to make things go easier later on.  Here is a great activity that I ran across that I’d like to share!

Recommended age: 2.5+

Supplies needed:



food coloring

eye dropper

small plastic containers filled with water







Directions: put 3 or 4 drops of food color into each plastic container. I recommend using colors that are brighter because there is some color mixing going on. Orange and yellow.. probably not a good choice.


After this its more of what your toddler/child does.  They use the eye dropper to suck up the colored water and drip it onto their blank paper. 


I did this with my 26 month old.  He did not get it. He LOVED stabbing the water with the eye dropped but couldn’t grasp the concept of having to squeeze the eye dropper to get the water into it and squeeze to get it out.  I had to help him a bit with his art.  He still enjoyed himself. This could also be a great mixing colors lessons for home schoolers.  Also great to work on fine motor and hand muscle building for special needs children or children with messy handwriting.



Here is before we started.


Here is our finished product!