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Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine’s Photo Ideas

Its getting to be just about that time! Its funny how the holidays sneak up on us and really to have photos for cards to be ordered, you will need to get your Valentine's pics done within the next few weeks! 
If hiring a photographer or going to a commercial studio really isn't in the budget right now, here are a few tips to get some great photos of your kids yourself. 

1. The background

The background of your photo really sets the stage.  A plain background puts more focus on your child while a pattern background can add some interest or fun!  For Valentine's you might do a baby pink or blue sheet pinned to the wall.  I myself am about to go to Target to snag one of their fun Valentine's themed shower curtains.  A simple white or grey will also photograph beautifully!



2. The Props

This is such a great holiday to use some props! Some cheap and fun props for boys and girls can be found in the $1 bin at Target.  Some of my favorites are suckers, love bug antennae or other cute hats.  I bought this hat box at Target for $20 and the boa at Hobby Lobby for $3.  Check the storage areas of your stores as well as your craft stores for cute containers and accessories.




3. The Poses

Using containers, chairs, benches, buckets or whatever else you may have around your house, set up your little studio, bring in your child and see what you can get.  Having some sound makers ready to attract attention can help as well as wearing hats or other fun things on your own head.  Suckers keep kids busy while adding a color pop to your photos.  The most important thing is shoot, shoot, shoot!  The more pictures you take, the more likely you are to get a good one.  Shoot at leave 5 photos of each prop/pose. Change hats, props, backgrounds or chairs to get more looks.


IMG_0059-2 copy


Here are some photos I did of Evie today:


IMG_0063-2 copy 2


IMG_0039-7 copy 2



I bought the shower curtain at Target like I said I was going to. It was $12. They also have one of the same color scheme but in stripes.  I might go get that one too. Pretty nice price for a background and it would be nice for basic, bright shots anyway.  The rug I also got at Target. It was on sale for 18.50 and I plan on using it in Evie’s room after pictures are done.  My bow if from The Picket Fence. If you happen to buy one of her awesome bows, mention my name cause I get one FOR FREE.  I love their bows.. seriously they have an auction every Wednesday and I NEED to stop attending because I’ve bought something every week for.. um.. a long time. The pettiskirt is from Braylin’s Boutique.


And for my scrapper friends, here is your freebie for today! It matches up with Ramona’s Farm Country releasing tomorrow!




You can pick it up here


Lindsay said...

I love reading your blog! Your photography tips are amazing and your pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! Your kids are absolutely adorable :)

awelby said...

Oh my gosh!! Those pictures are fantastic!! What cute babies!! Thank you so much for the word art, I love it!