Lauras Daily Madness

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make yourself a bow holder!

Last night we went to bed with the idea that we would be receiving lots of snow last night. Tom didn’t know if he was going to be able to make it into work and I was looking forward to another day of him typing away on the couch. This morning we get up, it has hardly snowed. The online forecast is still calling for 10-12 inches. Its times like these when I think having the ability to watch the news might be nice.

We do have a tv. It just doesn’t work besides watching Wall E and the Polar Express. It only plays DVD’s. You know back when we were going to digital there was this channel you could switch to. It was supposed to say if your television was ready to move on over. The channel lied. As soon as digital came in our television ceased to function. Oh well. We watch a lot of netflix and you can still get Grey’s on so what more do I need. Besides an updated weather report? There’s always the radio though right?

I have to admit that the project for today was stolen from the adorable bow boards that Braylin’s Boutique and The Picket Fence create. You don’t have to feel bad about not buying one from them however because I’m pretty sure these do NOT ship all that well. Or cheaply. I might be surprised in that? Here are some of the adorable bow boards Tanae and Cassie have created:

Aren’t they adorable? And thus, I was inspired. At first I wanted to paint a bow board. I asked Tom if he thought wall molding cut at a 45 degree angled and then nailed together would work for a frame. He said no. I also couldn’t figure out what the girls had used for backing. Looks like wall molding, but not sure. Plus I know what my paint jobs look like, so I abandoned this idea to the professionals. Cassie and Tanae, hats off to you girls.

But I think my bow board came out looking pretty durn cute!


And today I will share all my secrets on how you can make your own!

Here is your supply list:


1 frame Doesn’t really matter what size. Mine was 38x18 or something like that

cloth to cover it I bought a yard and a half but it was overboard. I probably have enough cloth to do another small frame.

ribbon These were each 3 yards. I definitely had an overstock of that also

stapler DO NOT USE A STAPLE GUN I thought this was a great excuse to use my husband’s staple gun.. don’t. There is now a hole in the train table. Just use the normal stapler.


The first step is to undo all the prongs and release the piece of cardboard that your frame came with. This is what you will wrap your cloth around.


Next, wrap your cloth around your cardboard and cut away the excess.


Next you can go ahead and staple the fabric around your cardboard. I’d love to tell you the scientific process that went into this but I just sort of folded and stapled until the fabric was secure. You want to make sure you are stretching it tight of course so you don’t end up with rolls. Also make sure the tops and bottoms aren’t too bulky because it has to fit back into your frame. I stapled three or four times up and down the sides and then folded the tops and bottoms and stapled them to the cloth.


You need to decide if you want your ribbon to go vertical or horizontal. Then pull your ribbon across your board and cut to size.


Now I stapled the ribbon on the back also. I let the ribbon on the pretty side be up straight so the staple back would fall behind the ribbon and be hidden. When I did the other side, I slipped the stapler under the ribbon so it was still hidden.


So continue doing that until you’ve got all the rows you want. I really could have done mind closer together. Also if you have a lot of bang bows or newborn clips you may want to consider doing some thin ribbon strips in between because they don’t really require all that much space anyway.

After all your ribbons are done, you need to pop the glass out of your frame. I ended up breaking mine to get it out so be careful! Then pop your cardboard in and put the prongs back down to hold it into place.


And then you’ll be done! You can attach a hanger on the back to put it on the wall. Mine is so tall I’m just going to lean it up against the wall. Now my bows are all safe and sound from getting squished or messed up!

This project took me maybe 30 minutes? It definitely wasn't as cheap as our other crafts but not 'too' bad.

Frame- $15 (it was 50% off from 30)

Fabric- $6 (40% off)

Ribbon- $4 (50% off)

Total: $25 plus I have enough ribbon and cloth left over to do another small frame for a gift!

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