Lauras Daily Madness

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some new knits

This weekend was incredibly, insanely busy! We hit the park on Saturday morning, had a birthday party in the afternoon and a dinner invite in the evening. The kids both slept extremely well! I have been getting a few things knitted up to put up on my facebook page.

This was just a cat I knit for Rett to use up some yarn Mom bought me at goodwill. I think Tom and I had more fun playing with it then Rett. I will say it still needs a face. Maybe that threw him off. With his current cat obsession I figured he's be more enthused.

A new color of hat to add to the ever growing collection.

Here's Evie's winter hat. It turned out way too large as you can see it fits Elyse perfectly and she's going to be 1 this week. It may end up being her birthday gift.

And a boy version that a girl ordered off Facebook. She and I were pregnant with our latest babies together. Its so fun to knit for online friends. You can join my facebook fan page here. Let me know that you joined from the blog! Its so cool to see how people find different pages across the net.

Next on my list are some sort of present for Elyse for this weekend, and then some leg warmers for Evie's skirts this winter.

I recently got accepted onto the GottaPixel ct team. 70 girls applied so it was a much wanted position and I'm sort of proud of myself for getting to this point in my scrapping.

My first assignment was Geek Chic Scraps.

I chose to work with two of her kits.

This one with the bright, fun colors just screams birthday parties, ice cream and summertime to me!

And this one:

This one seems to be about teen girls, parties and dress up. Overall I am very impressed with the papers and elements. So many fun, bright patterned papers and the elements really come to life with some shadow work.

Here is your freebie for today:

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally a cool day!

I don't know about everyone else but we have been suffering from temps above 100 for weeks now. FINALLY we got some rain and a few days ago the temperature was in the 80's. We almost had to pull out the jackets. The boys were so excited to get a chance to play outside without sweating like crazy.

The 'I really have to share the swing with Noah?' face

The 'I just heard a helicopter' face.

And one of Evie:

ALMOST caught a smile. She's smiling all the time now but I can't seem to catch one. I'll keep trying though! I can't believe we're already half way through her second month. Time flies even faster with the second one.

Ramona has a lot of new releases lately that are just awesome.

This one actually includes buttons and doilies from on of the ct gal's grandmother's.

And here's a pet one. Of course having no pets but the outside car, I had to be creative with this.

Last week I created this layout with Back To School. Its up for layout of the week at Brownie Scraps. So if you download my freebie PLEASE go here and vote for Alphabet Soup by LauraLea

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Balloon Festival disaster

A few weekends ago we read about a free family event taking place about 30 minutes from us. I've went to the balloon festival a few times as a kid and thought Rett would love it. So we got up early to beat the heat and set off on our mini road trip. First let me tell you, the husband wrote out the directions. I didn't even look at them before he wrote them down so no way to translate from reality to what he wrote. Regardless.. we couldn't find it.

We drove and drove and drove. You'd think.. balloons. HUGE BALLOONS. Surely it wouldn't be that hard to spot them? But not a balloon in sight. We drove and drove and drove. Eventually we ended up just driving up and down the back roads and saw some pretty nifty things which I now wish I had photographed.

This is what it looked like in the car:

We decided to drive all the way back the opposite way and try there. Here are a few of the in town spectacles.

Sorry this road trip was so boring I'm resorting to these pathetic pictures. I'm sure you're holding onto hope that at some point you will see some balloons.

So when we realized there was no place for balloons in town, we turned around and drove BACK to where we were.

And at this point.. my camera battery died. So no hope for balloon pictures. This is when my husband decides to stop at the casino (yes very classy right) to see where in the heck this place it. He comes out and announces we are there. The balloons left at 7 that morning for a race. So our fun family event is to watch lawn mower races. Seriously. I wish I had pictures of that. Rett was the only one entertained. So we climbed back into our car and went home. Great story right?

Well on a better note, Spinky Dink Scraps has a lot of gorgeous new releases. I'm so excited to be on her team. She is such a fun person and I've already got to work with a lot of beautiful products. Here are a few new releases/re releases:

ADORABLE little boy kit. Especially with all the mini buzz lightyears running around lately. This one is also on sale right now.

A little more girly. I think this one is going to work out perfectly with fall layouts.

Another little boy kit. I love the elements and extras in this one. Especially with my little train fan.

And here's your freebie for today!

4 shared is really annoying me lately so I may be looking to host elsewhere soon. Also if you want more FREEBIES, check out my knitted hat give away!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sleeping on the Floor

***********Caution********** ************Caution**********

We are nearing two. Enough said.

In between laughing that sounds ALMOST like crying, the constant tugging on my leg and the demanding to do anything that he's not supposed to, I am actually still scrapping. It is a miracle. A few days ago he threw a fit because I dared offer him his sippy. I just remind myself that I love my child and someday soon he'll return to his precious self. Hopefully before I kill him.

So another new thing, which I think is growth spurt related, is he's finally falling asleep on the floor. He has never done this and I am so intrigued. So the first time, I was scrapping on the computer, turned around and there he was. This is what I saw:

Don't worry, he didn't suffer any bodily harm from being squished by that alligator. You can get that alligator at IKEA by the way. I love him :) So I had to post this on Facebook and everyone had a great laugh. I thought it was a fluke.

Next day:

This time on top of books cuddled up to a shirt out of the laundry. Now this is just desperation. I hope his growth spurt passes soon!

Rachael has been a busy little bee! She has two new releases.

This is a collab with her friend Late Night Scraps. So fun for all those playground shots!

Here is my layout using this one:

Little Rett and Noah! Noah is starting back next week so all four kids will be here. I'm happy Rett will have his entertainment back!

She also released this one over at the Daily Scrapper.

That's right. TWO boyish kits! I had a great week last week :)

Here is my layout using this one:

You can also snag this over at ScrapMatters

Get a jump start on Halloween!

And here is your freebie for today:

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Building Block Fun and New Releases!

I have been waiting for Rett to get big enough to actually 'play'. Not just throw toys around and make a mess. And he's getting there. Kind of. Mostly when we play together, he destroys my towers, pushes over my train tracks and throws the stuffed animal across the room. Its a process. I dug out the blocks last week and he could actually put them together!

And Evie is still adorable! She goes for her 2 month appt today which means shots for the first time. I'm not sure her exact weight but I'm guessing around 12 lbs Here she is!

And here's Rett at the same age:

We're headed to the pool today so that should be fun!

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Ramona had a new release last Friday just in time for the big gear up for back to school. I must admit I'm missing my classroom and the kids in brand new school clothes with their back packs loaded down with supplies. But my babies need me!

I love the lined paper and the adorable little back to school elements. So cute! Right now you can pick up the big bundle for only $6 which is only a dollar more then just the kit by itself!

Here is my layout using this kit:

And because summer isn't quite over yet, geniaBeana put out this adorable watermelon kit. Here's the preview:

I already had these pics from the 4th of July that I had been dying to scrap. His first watermelon :)

And Evie had this outfit so I did a little photo shoot for this kit. I love when the kits get me taking pictures instead of the other way around!

And here's your freebie for today: