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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let them eat cake.. or anything else!


Every time I see a photographer using food within their photos and everyone is talking about how clever that was and wow what a nice pop of color, I just snicker. Because I know the truth.  Eating food keeps kids still.  No one REALLY expects kids to smile while eating.  Kids are happy when eating things that are full of sugar.  I haven’t seen many photos of children eating carrots or broccoli. I suppose out there somewhere they could exist. 

Honestly food photography is ingenious.   When you are photographing babies (especially after they start smiling) you have the easiest job in the world. Babies are naturally cute, they don’t move much and they LOVE attention they gain from smiling. Then they start moving. And they never want to stop.  Give the same kid a cake to smash when they turn 1 and you get this:

IMG_0170 copy

Of course broadening your horizons is always nice.  I had a session the other day and it was a 1 year old.  The mom didn’t want to do a cake smash. Its funny how moms NEVER think cake smashes sound like a fun thing.  Messy, cake mess.  That’s what the moms think about. Or maybe the purple poo that follows.

IMG_0184 copy

Of course then you miss out on this.  And if you ever wondered why my fake flooring is died blue, mystery solved.  Noah was totally worth it though.


Well since this mom (like all the other sane mothers) didn’t want to do a cake smash,  I decided to use some of those yummy strawberries we had in the fridge.


Sometimes those quick ideas turn out very cute.  And she kept still.  Isn’t she a doll?


I have yet to try ice cream, cotton candy, popsicles or glasses of kool aid but they are on my ‘to photograph’ list.  Along with carrots and broccoli.  So if you find yourself having a difficult time getting your toddler to sit still, bring out the goodies.



Just remember to take the white shirt off first.


pinkbliss3 said...

I agree treats help keep the sanity! I always pack them for my kids sessions. Oversized cookies are fun photo props and I can't wait to do large chocolate bunnies at Easter!