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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Craft: Ribbon Bracelets!

I wanted to share some of the photos that I’ve taken for my Photography For the Heart sessions.  All proceeds are benefiting a family who just lost their daughter to congenital heart defect. 




This was of course one of the last warm days before our blizzard hit.  We had a great time taking the boys downtown. I was worried when I first heard it was going to be 4 boys but they all were such great guys it worked out just fine!


This is one from the studio.  She made me work a tad bit harder. Nothing like 3 year olds to make you question your ability as a photographer.  Of course my 2 year old does this everyday. I can’t tell you the last picture I had of him looking at the camera and smiling. Oh wait.. yes I can.


So there you go… Toddlers are definitely one of the most challenging subjects to photograph.


Ok onto more pressing matters… Valentine’s Day crafts!  I love this craft because its another one of those great ways to use up excess craft supplies!  Waste not, want not. 

Here’s your supply list:


  ribbon scraps


velcro strips







Your first step is going to be to use the ribbon to measure around your child’s wrist. Or your own if you want to rock some of these awesome bracelets for yourself.  Cut ribbon to size.



  Your next step is to place the velcro on.  One of the velcro pieces needs to be on the underside of the bracelet (the ugly side).  The other piece needs to be on the right side (pretty side) of the bracelet.  On the thinner ribbon I had to cut my velcro in a half moon shape for it to fit. Also after taking mine off and on a bit, the velcro started to come detached.  Hot glue might be of use here.





And you’re done!  Final step is to put bracelets on and admire yourself!


I used scraps from my ribbon wreath.

Fun ideas for these: hole punch your Valentine’s cards, loop bracelets through and attach. Of course it won’t work with the thicker ribbon.   Make bunches and put them on your little girl to wear to school to hand out.  Nothing feels better then giving somebody else a little gift! Plus what little girl wouldn’t look adorable with about 50 of these on her arm.

And your congenital heart defect fact for the day.  Think congenital heart defect is a small problem? About 650,000 to 1.3 million Americans have a congenital heart defect. Approximately 36,000 babies are born with a defect each year.


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Lindsay said...

I absolutely LOVE the Jessica Rae jewelry! I now have to have a necklace with my 2 boys names on it!! Thanks for this great chance to win!!
PS: I already follow your blog and am subscribed to you too :)
Oh, and I left some love on her FB page!

Lindsay said...

Great photos!! You are quite the photographer!

Laura said...

Thanks so much Lindsay! Remember to comment over on Jessica's post :)