Lauras Daily Madness

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365- My week in photos!

I got so caught up in our water issue that I forgot to post my week in photos! I’m sure you are all just dying to see them right!



Friday- Jenna and I took 4 kids 2 and under to the zoo. It was a really nice day outside and we all had a great time.


Saturday- More outside time! It was another beautiful day with a high of 75


Sunday- Tom spent the day finishing up the tile job.


Monday- My hands from scraping the extra grout off the tile.


Tuesday- The blizzard hits. Tom gets his car stuck on the on ramp and ends up walking 2 miles home in the blizzard. His hair is frozen.  Curls up on the couch with warm tea.


Wednesday- Tom has to work from home. Rett thinks this is great! Our friend Kristi and her husband Jeremy come and pick up Tom and take him to his car so they can pull him out. He drives home happy that his precious car is now safe in the drive way.


Thursday- The water pipe breaks and we have to turn off the water.


So that was our week!