Lauras Daily Madness

Friday, February 18, 2011

P365 My week in photos!


Someone has been here! Little animal tracks in the snow.


Tom’s brother George came to visit on his way to Wyoming where he’s going to be living for awhile.  He met Evie for the first time and saw Rett for the first time in over a year.  It was nice to visit but it was too short!


We took the kids outside to play. It was in the near 60’s with snow on the ground still. Rett kept falling down so Tom dug him a path from the house to his toys.


Everyone dressed up in red for Valentine’s Day to support our heart families.



And suddenly its warm!   It was in the 70’s.  Rett also went back to Mother’s Day Out. Evie and I had a good girl’s day together.


We went to Krispy Kreme with mom group to take the tour. You have to wear the little hat in the back for health reasons and Rett refused so instead of taking the tour, we just ate a donut.  Sissy liked the hat though!


This is actually the same day as Krispy Kreme but I had to share because I don’t get to take sleeping pictures of him very often.


Yesterday I received my big wall prints from WHCC. You know what they say about kids and empty boxes. This is when Rett first noticed the new family picture up on the wall. He pointed at it and said ‘Daddy! Mama!’


So.. that was our week! Today we are headed to the zoo so I better go get ready!