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Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Craft: Catnip Heart

Snow is not fun. All the childhood memories in the world cannot dissuade me. Yesterday we heard the stomach dropping sound of water. Because one of our pipes froze and exploded. When this happens to you, you really wish there was a rewind button. Like can I just go back to the time before stupid mother nature flipped me the bird. Please. Unfortunately it is what it is.


And this is what it is. A hole in our ceiling. Water damage and a hole in Evie’s wall treatment. Did I mention that the pipe was not even in Evie’s wall so there is now a HOLE IN HER WALL TREATMENT for nothing. For nothing. Wow.

I took all these beautiful photos to show off the snow but now I hate it. But I will share them anyway.



And another 3 to 4 inches on Sunday. Great. I can’t contain the excitement. The Hard Rock CafĂ© and our local aquarium’s roof collapsed in some parts. It could be worse.

Ok so on to more happier things.


Like Evie eating blueberries for dessert.


And here’s one of Rett. My kids love blueberries! Wow they look identical.

Ok onto our craft for today. I would like to blame the blizzard for some of my craft’s lacking. But on with the show.

Supply list:


A hear container (bought this one at Michael’s for $1)

Pink sponges (check the dollar store)

Seed packet

You could also use panty hose filled with dirt if you don’t want to go with a sponge.

First off, I planned on this craft being a cat nip garden for your favorite cat lover or for your feline friend. Couldn’t find cat nip. Wal Mart looked like it was Black Friday with everyone grabbing everything in sight. Apparently deep cleaning was in the plans too because there were like NO sponges left. These curved sponges did NOT work so well. Get the plain jane ones.


Your next step will be to cut your sponge so that it fits inside your heart mold. Your sponge will probably do a better job then mine since I had the odd shaped sponges. If you are really concerned with it looking pretty, this is where your old panty hose and dirt comes in.


You need to soak your sponge in water for about 1 minute so that its completely soaked through. Then poke your seeds into the little holes of the sponge. Unless you’re me and you only have marigold seeds which are huge and won’t be poked anywhere. *sigh*

And there you have it! Maintenance is just to pour in water to the basin of the container every 3-4 days. You can also start your veggies in sponges and then cut the sponge away and plant them sponge and all. So you could also put tomato seeds for your gardener friends or blooming flower seeds for the flower lover in your life.

Lots more crafts planned for next week! Make sure you follow and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out!

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Jennifer Wells said...

I like Evie's new trap door :)

Laura said...

Thanks Jen! She can be super spy sissy now!

Ramona said...

Water damage is awful, it just spreads so fast. I'm so sorry that you've been going through this mess! I love your craft idea for today! I would have never thought of that, and what a fun thing, in the middle of winter! Olivia has been begging me to plant flowers and asking every day if it is spring yet. We may have to start now! Thanks! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Lindsay said...

Oh no! The water damage definitely sucks!! I feel for ya!
Holy cow...Evie and Rett are identical and SO adorable :)
Great craft idea!!

The Nicks Family said...

I am so sorry!!! I hope that they can get everything cleaned up and fixed for you!!!