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Monday, July 5, 2010

Newborn in Diapers

Well I am completely starting my blog over. My photobucket account was TOO full and after deleting random stuff.. my blog was all screwed up so oh well!

Since I blogged last, I had a baby! Here is Evie's birth announcement:

I had her at our home in the water and it was a great experience! MUCH better then the hospital birth I had with my son. So now I have two in diapers and am pretty much doing laundry everyday. My Etsy shop is taking a break since it was consuming so much time. I made good money and really enjoyed it but its just too much right now.

So since cloth diapering a newborn seems to be such a hard decision maker and since people really wonder if those one size diapers REALLY fit one size, I took pics of Evie in various one size diapers for you to check out. This is Evie at 3 weeks old and a little over 9 lbs. These diapers are also super stuffed because they are for my son (this is the first time she's ever been in a one size diaper) and so they are stuffed with a micro fiber insert that's wrapped inside a prefold.

Ok here we go, diaper one is an all in two system made by Chubby Cherub diapers. I got this one from Franklin Goose. The diaper I used has the bamboo velour insert and is one SUPER soft diaper.

There are a few gaps but after having this diaper on for five hours one night.. NO leaking. This was the first one size diaper we used on a regular basis and I've never had a leak yet.

Moving on to Katydid diapers. I purchased four of these from Franklin Goose. I have one of each color and Rett, my 19 month old, uses them regularly. These were by far my favorite when it came to fitting snugly and not being too bulky.

The katydids have an extra snap that pulls down by the legs making the gussets MUCH tighter. I LOVED the fit of these as soon as I put them on. No leaks!

Last we have Bum Genius, 3.0. This diaper is a well loved diaper in our house, as you can tell by the velcro. Definitely the most bulky out of the three, it does have decent gusset sizing to make it pretty tight though. Another one that gave us no leaks!

Overall I was pretty impressed with how snugly these one size diapers fit on a newborn. One thing to keep in mind is if you are gong to use one size from the beginning, your newborn clothing is going to be outgrown much faster due to the extra inches in that padded bottom. Hope this helps anyone thinking of cloth diapering a newborn!

Ramona is back in action designing up a storm again and this week she released 'Sail Away' which is a nice kit for either fourth of July layouts or those days on the beach.

Right now the bundle is 25% off. Here are my layouts:

These are all pictures from our vacation to the British Virgin Islands back in December. I'm afraid our normal Florida summer trip is going to be canceled because of the oil spill :(

Right now if you sign up to receive Ramona's newsletter, you can receive a kit for free! Click here to sign up! Here is the kit, Love Notes:

Here is my layout for this kit:

That my first picture with both kids. We're at the blueberry patch, more pictures of that coming soon.

Here's your freebie for today:

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