Lauras Daily Madness

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Building Block Fun and New Releases!

I have been waiting for Rett to get big enough to actually 'play'. Not just throw toys around and make a mess. And he's getting there. Kind of. Mostly when we play together, he destroys my towers, pushes over my train tracks and throws the stuffed animal across the room. Its a process. I dug out the blocks last week and he could actually put them together!

And Evie is still adorable! She goes for her 2 month appt today which means shots for the first time. I'm not sure her exact weight but I'm guessing around 12 lbs Here she is!

And here's Rett at the same age:

We're headed to the pool today so that should be fun!

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Ramona had a new release last Friday just in time for the big gear up for back to school. I must admit I'm missing my classroom and the kids in brand new school clothes with their back packs loaded down with supplies. But my babies need me!

I love the lined paper and the adorable little back to school elements. So cute! Right now you can pick up the big bundle for only $6 which is only a dollar more then just the kit by itself!

Here is my layout using this kit:

And because summer isn't quite over yet, geniaBeana put out this adorable watermelon kit. Here's the preview:

I already had these pics from the 4th of July that I had been dying to scrap. His first watermelon :)

And Evie had this outfit so I did a little photo shoot for this kit. I love when the kits get me taking pictures instead of the other way around!

And here's your freebie for today: