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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Balloon Festival disaster

A few weekends ago we read about a free family event taking place about 30 minutes from us. I've went to the balloon festival a few times as a kid and thought Rett would love it. So we got up early to beat the heat and set off on our mini road trip. First let me tell you, the husband wrote out the directions. I didn't even look at them before he wrote them down so no way to translate from reality to what he wrote. Regardless.. we couldn't find it.

We drove and drove and drove. You'd think.. balloons. HUGE BALLOONS. Surely it wouldn't be that hard to spot them? But not a balloon in sight. We drove and drove and drove. Eventually we ended up just driving up and down the back roads and saw some pretty nifty things which I now wish I had photographed.

This is what it looked like in the car:

We decided to drive all the way back the opposite way and try there. Here are a few of the in town spectacles.

Sorry this road trip was so boring I'm resorting to these pathetic pictures. I'm sure you're holding onto hope that at some point you will see some balloons.

So when we realized there was no place for balloons in town, we turned around and drove BACK to where we were.

And at this point.. my camera battery died. So no hope for balloon pictures. This is when my husband decides to stop at the casino (yes very classy right) to see where in the heck this place it. He comes out and announces we are there. The balloons left at 7 that morning for a race. So our fun family event is to watch lawn mower races. Seriously. I wish I had pictures of that. Rett was the only one entertained. So we climbed back into our car and went home. Great story right?

Well on a better note, Spinky Dink Scraps has a lot of gorgeous new releases. I'm so excited to be on her team. She is such a fun person and I've already got to work with a lot of beautiful products. Here are a few new releases/re releases:

ADORABLE little boy kit. Especially with all the mini buzz lightyears running around lately. This one is also on sale right now.

A little more girly. I think this one is going to work out perfectly with fall layouts.

Another little boy kit. I love the elements and extras in this one. Especially with my little train fan.

And here's your freebie for today!

4 shared is really annoying me lately so I may be looking to host elsewhere soon. Also if you want more FREEBIES, check out my knitted hat give away!